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Good used Mac Desktop and Laptop Systems Upgraded and refurbished at affordable prices. We can help with your new or older Mac systems.

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Operator Headgap Systems
7308 S. Klein
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73139

Bob or Cheryn Nunn

Phone 1-405-601-5288 9-6 CST M-F
Toll Free - 1-877-639-1543 9-6 CST
FAX - 1-405-445-0796
New Tech Support Line
- 405-601-5288

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Operator Headgap BBS originally started on a Commodore 64 with 2 -1541 drives and a 300 baud modem using 6485 BBS Software over 32 years ago by Bob and Cheryn Nunn in March 1986. Our BBS provide support for users within dialup range. Today it is of course web based and still provides support for users Internationally. Our download base these days is mostly Mac oriented but files are still available for Commodore and Amiga systems.


What makes us unique in the refurbished Mac business is that we are about the only ones who not only do quality refurbishing of used Mac equipment, we also upgrade the systems. Most of the systems we offer have more ram, larger hard drives, and more added to them. I know of no other Mac dealer who sells upgraded systems. They generally only sell the items how they received them. We also nicely configure these units, the way we would use them. I also know of no dealer who will install the upgrades they sell on your system. We have many of our customers who send in their system for tuneups or upgrades.

Beside our Mac refurbishing business we also provide web design & hosting service, marketing services, and consulting. We also sell software, hardware, and provide hardware service, repair and sales. We are the worldwide distributor for TeleFinder BBS/Web Server Software.

We started this due to demand we received from our business and personal associations. This is now full time for us now and we have other employees as well as numerous contract employees who perform services for us. In reality, we have been doing repairs and consultations for many many years through our association with user group members and referrals. The past 8 years has seen a more applied effort to market these services.

Our top web customers include: Tab of Memphis, Proserve, Inc., International Association of Administrative Professionals, and XpressFiles but there are dozens of others.

We got into the Mac battery business when we discovered that most domestic pram battery sources supplied overpriced batteries that were several years old. I suspect that many times they were not even new batteries but used ones from old systems. Many were the underpowered 850 mAh batteries. We located a source that manufacturers our batteries each time we order. We have the lowest price and the freshest 1200 mAh batteries in the business. Mac-Batteries.com

We operate PortalMemphis.com - which serves as a local portal on the web, advertising Memphis' best web sites. This not only highlights our customers sites, it has also become a revenue source from advertising selling. The page is also for sale and makes a great addition to any Memphis related web site.

While not actively being sold since the software is designed to run under OS9 and earlier, we are still the U.S. distributor and support system for the TeleFinder. When you visit Headgap.com and associated page you are on a TeleFinder Server. I have written and distributed software used with this program suite and served as a beta tester since version 5.0.

We were active and we still host the web site and BBS for the Memphis Mac user group, MemphisAppleCore.com

PLEASE NOTE: Back in December 2012 we relocated after spending 26 years in Memphis TN. We are now back home in Oklahoma. Our toll free number is the same 1-877-639-1543. Our direct phone lines is 1-405-601-5288 use this line if you are in Canada. Tech Support is 1-405-601-5288. Our new fax line is1-405-445-0796. Please make a note of these changes. Our new address is Operator Headgap Systems, Inc., 7308 S. Klein, OKC, OKLA. 73139. Thank you.

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